Leading the world in electrical measurement, LEM engineers the best solutions in energy and mobility, ensuring that customers' solutions are optimized, reliable and safe.

Our 1,500 people in over 15 countries transform technology potential into powerful answers. We develop and recruit the best global talent, working at the forefront of mega trends such as renewable energy, mobility, automation and digitization.

Integrated current sensors (ICSs) were developed by LEM to meet the growing demand for smaller, smarter, and cheaper solutions. 

One of the megatrends that such ICSs are designed to address is electrification – the growing demand for smaller and smarter current sensors in such industries as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) as well as robotics and renewable energy. Automation and energy-saving applications have been among the main growth drivers for LEM’s sales and the company’s latest product family of ICSs for small drives and robotics has proved particularly popular. The HMSR ICSs are simply the latest innovation in the continuous evolution (and miniaturisation) of sensors that have not just met the demand for more compact product design but have also been responsible for driving the market forward.

A new market for current sensing solutions is the ‘smart grid’. With millions of EVs on the road and the move towards decarbonising the world’s energy systems, there is growing demand for terawatts of renewable energy capacity. LEM offers best-in-class solutions for meet the demands of utilities and equipment manufacturers in this area, including providing sensors that measure electrical parameters along networks, enabling grid operators to monitor, control and automate operation of the grid.

With innovative electrical sensors and solutions, we are helping our customers and society accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

Product Brochure

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