Jeremiah Miller

Jeremiah Miller is a Technology Manager for the Systems Integration team in the Solar Energy Technologies Office, joining in October 2016. Prior to this role, Jeremiah was a senior power systems smart grid analyst for Smarter Grid Solutions, where he worked with European and North American utilities to support massive wind and solar energy deployments on distribution grids via grid-edge automation controls that enable the dynamic grid hosting capacity. Earlier he has worked in the semiconductor manufacturing, naval nuclear, and natural gas turbomachinery industries. He is a professional engineer and has degrees from University of Delaware, Penn State University, and Kansas State University.

Keynote Speech: Systems Cybersecurity Challenges for Rooftop Solar – Cyber-physical Observability for Distribution Grids.

Abstract: This presentation will provide a high-level conceptualization of emerging systems cybersecurity challenges for rooftop solar, and distributed energy resources (DER) generally. The framework for evaluating emerging threats will be associated with cyber-physical observability challenges for detecting compromised DER.